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A proven track record of innovations: recognized as Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2013), Certified Digital Analyst (2010), Web Analytics Association Leadership and Technical Excellence Recognition (2009). Creator of the Online Analytics Maturity Model (2009) and WASP (2006).


25 years of relevant expertise in online strategies, digital analytics and technologies. Acute knowledge of digital analytics concepts, instrumentation best practices and expert at turning data into insight using the right tools and concepts.

Empowering Confident Decisions

An approach based on a thorough understanding of critical success factors contributing to digital analytics maturity. Striking the balance between optimal and realistic solutions to empower confident business decisions.


Experienced teacher and speaker who share his passion for digital analytics - be it technical 'how to' or assessing organizations' digital analytics maturity, Stéphane can walk the talk.


Online Analytics Maturity Model

Created in 2008, the Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM) helps managers and analysts asses their digital analytics strengths and weaknesses in six key areas of maturity. The OAMM self-assessment tool is a great way to spark the discussion, raise awareness about the importance of analytics, and plan a realistic roadmap to achieve digital analytics success.

Web Analytics Solution Profiler

Pioneered in 2006, WASP is used by thousands of analysts and implementation specialists to comprehensively detect, accurately analyze, and intuitively display the various tracking tags and scripts that are loaded by websites. It solves a key business issue of the digital age: preventing marketers from making important decisions on wrong, or faulty, data by ensuring that the tags that generate that data are deployed correctly and sending only error-free information.

What's in your dashboard?

Published April 9, 2014, SweetSpot Intelligence

In this article, SweetSpot, the publisher of a SaAS-based dashboarding platform, asked me to name 3 KPIs/charts and tell how I calculate them, explain where I would apply them, and why they are special to me.

TrustRadius Digital Analytics Buyer Guide

Published September 12, 2014, TrustRadius

The TrustRadius Buyer’s Guide to Digital Analytics Software is much more than your typical ‘buyer’s guide’. It is literally a study of the current state of the digital analytics market. At last, here’s a real independent study truly representing the wide range of needs and various opinions from users like you and experts you trust.

Tag Management: Data Layer/DOM-Scraping Pros & Cons

Published July 15, 2014, Cardinal Path Blog

Is the data layer the be all and end all of tag management? In this article, we explore the benefits and caveats of using a data layer versus DOM-scraping techniques.

Big Data - what it means for the future of the digital analyst

Published June 12, 2012, Online Behavior

The simplest definition of "Big Data" is "it doesn't fit in Excel" - most analysts wonder how to make the shift from a traditional web analytics approach to a Big Data one. Shifting away from Excel forces the analyst to change his approach, view the data differently, and explore new solutions. Read on...